STRATCOMCOE director: Latvia under intense cyber attacks

Russia's cyber attacks have been active in Latvia for more than a month, said Jānis Sārts, director of NATO's Centre for Strategic Communications Excellence (Stratcom), in an interview with Latvian Television on July 8.

“In my opinion, this is the largest and most intense period of [cyber attacks] that I remember in Latvia at all,” said Sārts.

There is little talk about it, as in all cases Latvia has managed to fend off the attacks. “I believe that Latvia's infrastructure has shown itself to be very respectable, and there have been very few cases where it has really left some effect on various services,” said Sārts.

He said the cybersecurity 'homework' done in advance has played a role.

“And thank those who do their job. Often those services are available, everything is fine, and we don't think any [specialists] are working nights for it to be there,” Sārts added.

Latvia has become the target of the primary attacks of the Russian hacker group Killnet and their derivatives since May in relation to the idea of demolition of the 'Victory' Park Monument. Lithuania has joined it in connection with its restrictions on transit to Kaliningrad.

Source: (Latvian Public Broadcasting)

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