Two more Soviet monuments in Rīga up for dismantling

Rīga City Council on Wednesday, July 20, decided to demolish two Soviet army-glorifying objects on the coast of Ķīšezers Lake – the obelisk in Mežaparks and a memorial sign on Jaunciema gatve.

The obelisk for the 374th Division of the Red Army in Mežaparks on the coast of Ķīšezers was installed in 1950. It is a four-meter-high granite obelisk, a standard monument for Soviet army soldiers. The other object is located on Jaunciema gatve near the 7th cross line. It is a plate mounted on a granite boulder with texts in Latvian and Russian.

These monuments were set up for Soviet army soldiers in the occupied countries of the Soviet Union, including Latvia, as liberators from German fascism.

“Such monuments are not just evidence of impersonal and neutral history, their maintenance is a message that the events and individuals who are perpetuated in them deserve public attention and recognition,” the municipality said.

Another 69 objects of similar nature have already been identified for dismantling throughout Latvia.

Source: (Latvian Public Broadcasting)

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